Creativity in advertising makes the difference

10.11.2017 Posted by TM Solutions

Your customers are inundated with advertising every waking hour of every day. So what’s going to help you get your message noticed?

Creativity is key. It makes the difference between a so-so campaign and a really successful one that delivers excellent ROI. There are examples of brilliant, creative ads everywhere, and our Trade Marketing Director Rob Carter has pulled together some recent ones that really work.

I was struck recently by the creative simplicity of this ‘hi-jack’, where Burger King used the premier of horror film IT to liken Pennywise the Clown to Ronald McDonald. This short video sums up the stunt.



As a marketer on a budget, I was more impressed with the clever use of an extremely short amount of paid space and as a person, well, it’s pretty cheeky and funny isn’t it? I shared it on Facebook and Twitter… and WhatsApp and Messenger. That’s the beauty of a winning creative ad campaign… it just keeps giving!

Here’s a few more creative ad examples to get you thinking about clever things you could do with even the most limited budget.

Creative Examples

Still not feeling creative?

  • See 50 examples of creative online banner ads.
  • Visit an art gallery. You might not like what you see but it may set something off in your head.
  • Look for inspiration on Pinterest.
  • Films. Movies and particularly movie posters are very much ‘of their time’. Take a look at styles, typography and see if you can make it work for you. In the past I have run print ads in mono with just a single item picked out in colour, as seen in the movie Rumblefish (below), and promoted newspapers like they were a summer blockbuster with a cast of thousands.
  • Creative Triggers. I have an old PowerPoint deck like this and have used it countless times.
  • Style zeitgeist. Keep an eye on your own social media timelines and you’ll probably find memes (“Winter is coming” anyone?), inspirational quotes over scenery pics, squared-up text with a life-affirming quote – you get the idea. Pick up on these changing styles and see if you can make that work for you.
  • Watch TED talks: “The creative spark”

STILL not feeling creative? Get help!

Our media advisors have access to a huge pool of creative talent around the country. We generally don’t charge for our artwork and we handle print, digital, social media, PPC, video and web design (see all of our Commercial Solutions).

Why not contact us and see what we can come up with for you?